Team Tyler1 pull off comeback victory at Twitch Rivals

They won the base race.

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There was a high-energy conclusion to today’s Twitch Rivals games for Team Tyler1.

As team i0ki were left with just Gangplank alive, it became a base race as he attempted to break through in the top lane while team Tyler1 scurried down mid, ultimately securing themselves the game and the win at this week’s Twitch Rivals event.

Before this point, all hope looked to be dwindling for Tyler1 and his team as team i0ki looked set to take Elder Dragon and bring the game to a close.

With a 10k gold deficit, losing this Dragon would surely spell the end for the team. Moakai, however, managed to score the Elder Dragon for team Tyler1, although in the process both Diana and Nocture were eliminated.

To the shock of both teams, Moakai’s sap was set in motion and after a short delay, took out both Nautilus and Xayah. With an outplay by Ezreal, team Tyler1 also took down Graves, bringing the odds in their favor.

Ultimately, this play proved to be the one that led the team to victory.