Team Tfue loses Minecraft Twitch Rivals due to ruling over brightness settings

After review, it looks like some of Tfue's settings provided him an unfair advantage.

Image via Twitch Rivals

Twitch Rivals: Minecraft Mystery Games had 16 teams of various content creators competing head to head in a set of three different Minecraft modes, but even after winning, Team Tfue was docked points for using non-tournament legal settings. 

Team Tfue, consisting of Tfue, k4yfour. Reignex, and Feinberg won two of the the three events, earning a total of 45 points and finishing just ahead of Team BastiGHG in the final standings. 

The Twitch Rivals team reviewed a complaint about competitive integrity in regards to Tfue’s game, however, which from his point of view, showed much more of the underwater portion of the map than his competitors. This was because the vision he was given is not regularly obtainable with just the static in-game settings, and requires you to edit game files to achieve. 

The Twitch Rivals rules for the event specifically noted that players had to be using “Vanilla” Minecraft with no mods or add-ons.

Due to that issue, Team Tfue was docked a total of six points off of their final score, accounting for each of the first two rounds that the enhanced brightness/altered settings were used in. 

“After review there is no clear evidence that the accused player was utilizing any illegal mods or texture packs,” one of the hosts, WavePunk said. “However, admins were able to reproduce that certain views were only obtainable through tweaking settings outside of the in-game client.”

This deduction dropped them from first place with 45 points to a tie for second with Team CaptainSparklez at 39 points. That decision ended up giving Team BastiGHG the win with 44 points, which means they took home the top prize of $12,000.