Sykkuno: Twitch treats its stars as ‘replaceable’

Sykkuno scolds his old platform.

Screengrab via Sykkuno on YouTube

Only days after making his transition to YouTube, popular streamer Sykkuno claimed Twitch treats its biggest content creators as “replaceable” during a broadcast earlier this week.

During his time on Twitch, Sykkuno was among the platform’s premier content creators. The streamer boasted over 4 million followers and averaged thousands of concurrent viewers every stream. The Twitch star made an unexpected move on May 2, however, signing an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube and joining the ranks of former Twitch streamers who have taken residence on the website.

Since his switch, Sykkuno has given some idea as to what led him to his ultimate decision, saying that Twitch offered him a “garbage” deal and repeatedly disrespected him with name typos. In a recent episode of Sapnap and Karl’s podcast, Banter, Sykkuno further discussed what lead him to seize his new opportunity on YouTube.

During the 36-minute podcast, Sykkuno said the Amazon-backed streaming site has treated its creators as though they are replaceable by not attempting to offer its top creators competitive contracts.

“I think they’re treating it like creators are just replaceable,” Sykkuno admitted. “They might be right, which is why for me it makes more sense to take deals like that, because if I’m replaceable, I’m never going to get it again.”

Sykkuno also said he hopes Twitch may change sometime in the future, making more active attempts to retain its popular content creators. “If I’m not replaceable, then they might learn their lesson and they’ll hopefully value it more highly next time.”

Leaving Twitch, Sykkuno has joined YouTube’s growing roster of streamers, including Ludwig, Valkyrae, TimTheTatman, DrLupo, and more. The exodus of streamers is far from over if OTV member DisguisedToast is to be believed, however. According to him, he knows at least five other streamers who plan on making the move to YouTube.

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