Super Louis 64 beats Elden Ring’s Godrick with a banana controller

Elden Ring goes bananas.

Image via FromSoftware

Super Louis 64 has made it his mission to defeat some of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring in the most unconventional way possible, now progressing through the game with a controller made entirely of bananas.

The Twitch Partner has already beaten several Elden Ring bosses with the Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure controller but now has adopted a potentially more difficult challenge. Super Louis’ banana rig consists of seven different bananas hooked up to his PC, each controlling a single input, such as movement, an attack, the menu, and more. With a green screen overlay on his Twitch channel, users can see exactly how the streamer navigates with this unusual setup.

Super Louis has actually found quite a bit of success with his banana controller so far. The Soulsborne expert most notably defeated Godrick with ease only using bananas, something a majority of players struggle to do even with the normal controls they’re accustomed to.

Strangely enough, this isn’t the first time that Super Louis has played a FromSoftwares game with bananas. The streamer completed Dark Souls 3 in 2017 with nearly the exact same setup. Since then, Louis has taken to beating this notoriously difficult game series with the most ludicrous controller setups possible, including Donkey Kong bongos, a dance pad, and a Guitar Hero controller.

Elden Ring has captured the attention of countless streamers, viewers, and players. The title has battled for the most-played game on Steam and topped Twitch metrics nearly since release. Players have accomplished unprecedented feats, speedrunning the game in record time, pouring hundreds of hours into the open-world environment, and now beating bosses with bananas.