Summit1g looks back on DrDisrespect: ‘I miss the Doc, man’

Summit reflects on his lost duo, DrDisrespect.

Popular streamer Summit1g misses playing with DrDisrespect regularly, the Twitch star said on his stream today. He also explained he appreciates their friendship even more since Doc’s departure for YouTube, even though they weren’t necessarily on the best of terms early into their careers.

“I miss the Doc, man,” Summit said. “It’s funny… my time with the Doc, mostly, was salty. Now that I’m at a different time in my career where I’ve learned to accept up-and-coming streamers just shitting all over me, kinda like the Doc did back then, so it’s like normal now. It just makes me miss the Doc more and regret how I took that back in those days.”

Summit and DrDisrespect were a well-known battle royale duo prior to DrDisrespect’s ban, most well known for their PUBG and H1Z1 gameplay. The pair of FPS aficionados played countless games together and their bickering banter spawned thousands of clips from fans.

Since Twitch streamers are not allowed to feature banned streamers on their broadcast, Summit could no longer stream alongside DrDisrespect after the former was mysteriously banned from Twitch in June 2020. There was some hope that Doc would be allowed to appear on his longtime friend’s streams after settling his lawsuit with Twitch. However, this was clearly not the case after Hikaru was still banned for showing Doc on stream.

Summit said he used to have an ego regarding his channel size and felt threatened whenever another streamer, such as DrDisrespect, rivaled his own viewer count. Summit1g also said he misses having a friend like Doc who “pushed” him as a content creator.

While the two can still certainly visit each other off stream or Summit can appear on DrDisrespect’s YouTube broadcast while not live on his own channel, there is still a significant divide between Doc and his former duos.