Streaming couple defeats Elden Ring boss using split controls

As if Elden Ring wasn't hard enough.

Image via FromSoftware

Streaming couple Blluist recently beat Elden Ring boss Starscourge Radahn while using split controls. 

Beating any boss in Elden Ring is a significant accomplishment, especially after trying dozens of times. Players must use every tool at their disposal, whether it’s powerful weapons and equipment or calling in help from other players. Some players enjoy making the game even harder, like the streaming couple Blluist, who took down Starscourge Radahn while using split controls.

Radahn is a massive boss that can be found in Caelid and can easily take out players in one or two hits. Memorizing his moveset is essential to beating him and knowing when to strike can be tough. This is even harder when two players are controlling the same character since they must work together to coordinate their movement, attacks, and when using items. 

The streaming duo managed to do just this as one of them controlled the mouse while the other controlled the keyboard. They coordinated their movement and counted the number of attacks to determine when they could strike. They also used a flask when they could to survive, showing an astounding amount of teamwork. After a long battle, they finally beat Radahn and rightfully celebrated their accomplishment. 

Most players struggle to beat bosses by themselves, let alone while trying to share the controls with another player. This exciting clip just shows anything is possible with teamwork and perseverance.