Streamers receiving fake $100 million donations due to suspected Streamlabs exploit

The amounts are ridiculous.

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Twitch streamers have been seen receiving $100 million donations last weekend, Sept. 16-18. Users suspect a new Streamlabs exploit to be the root of it.

On a livestream from Sept. 17, Minecraft streamer Forsen received a $100 million donation. “How did you do that?” he immediately asked, not believing in the donation one bit.

The same day, League of Legends streamer Jankos received a nearly $19million donation with a description that read “hackerone > twitch”, and an $8 million shortly afterward. “That’s a lot of cash, bro,” he answered sarcastically.

In the comments of the livestreams and on a Reddit thread, users suspect a Streamlabs exploit to be the root of those trolling donations.

Fortunately, those amounts are so ridiculous no streamer is believing them to be true. But if users can exploit Streamlabs to make fake donations with the amounts they want, streamers could also receive multiple fake donations with reasonable amounts and wrongly believe them.

Streamlabs nor Twitch have yet to comment on the issue, however. According to the livestreams, donation prompts will appear on video, but streamers won’t see any actual transaction being done. So those troll donations are only done for show.

Hacks and exploits of Twitch extensions are frequent. On Sept. 10, streamers started to get their chat hijacked and accounts compromised when using extensions developed by CVS, such as Pando and Stream Alerts TV. The extensions have yet to return on the platform.

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