‘Streamers my size can play a game for an hour sponsored and make 8,000 dollars’: BoxBox details lessons from streaming

BoxBox talks money.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/BoxBox

Veteran League of Legends Twitch streamer BoxBox provided some insight into his and fellow streamers’ earnings, giving several anecdotes about his past blunders.

Streaming is a business of highs and lows. It can be unimaginably difficult to break into the upper echelon of Twitch, those who do stand to make thousands off of lucrative sponsorship deals. Twitch streamer BoxBox outlined how he had received such deals even in the early days of his long streaming career and how he often fumbled maximizing his earnings.

In his stream’s current state, BoxBox described how much he could make off sponsored streams and short promotions. The streamer claimed that at his channel’s current size, he could make over $8,000 off one hour of sponsored gameplay, however BoxBox stated that he now often declines these deals. Later on, BoxBox stated that a 30-second promo would be worth over $1,800.

While the prolific Riven main is certainly capable of making thousands with minimal effort now, this was not always the case for the young streamer. BoxBox shared several instances wherein he unknowingly lost thousands of dollars during sponsored deals. BoxBox first described a situation at eighteen years old, where a representative from an unnamed popular game offered the streamer $300 per hour to play the game on stream.

“I’m eighteen years old, the concept of making more than minimum wage was still very new to me, so I was like ‘holy shit, yes!'” the streamer exclaimed, “What I found out was that I was actually making like $2,000 per hour, but the guy was pocketing $1,700 an hour. I played it for 40 hours and made a dude like $50,000 or something!”

Later in his career, BoxBox reflected on another sponsored stream he did alongside a slightly smaller League of Legends streamers. Whenever comparing how much they were making from the gig, BoxBox was shocked to learn that despite being one of the largest League of Legends streamers on Twitch, he was making significantly less than others.

BoxBox described these early mistakes as learning moments he took with him for the future in his career, however, it certainly would be difficult to calculate just how much he missed out on.