Streamers, fans react to Ludwig being crowned Streamer of the Year over xQc

Some fans believe he didn't deserve to win.

Screengrab via QTCinderella

The Streamer Awards concluded last night with a surprising Streamer of the Year win by popular YouTuber Ludwig. Many of Twitch’s top creators have chimed in to give their congratulations to the 26-year-old, and in some cases, call out fans claiming the vote was “rigged” in his favor.

Fans and streamers alike flocked to Ludwig’s Twitter to give their praises after his Streamer of the Year win. “Absolutely deserved. Constantly making waves in the industry. Congrats man,” Jackscepticeye wrote. Many more dropped by as well. From massive YouTuber SmallAnt to fellow streamer JustaMinx, Ludwig’s replies are filled with support.

Nonetheless, some fans believe xQc deserved to win Streamer of the Year and a few even think the vote was “rigged” for Ludwig to win. “You don’t deserve that trophy, xQc literally shits on you at everything,” wrote one user.

Popular Twitch streamer Mizkif quickly came to Ludwig’s defense: “Straight up deserved. Fuck people saying you don’t deserve you work harder than anyone I know.”

Five hours later the Twitch star added that he was “shitfaced” when he wrote the Tweet, but despite this, his words still rang true to many fans.

Ludwig had a huge 2021 that led to his Streamer of the Year nomination and eventual win. The former Twitch star broke the all-time subscriber record on Twitch and created a blueprint for the subathon, which many streamers have since run themselves. Additionally, the star signed a deal with YouTube to stream exclusively on the platform and has seen his videos on the site continue to grow.

While viewers will likely continue to argue about which streamer should’ve won, Ludwig is the one walking away with the award, and nothing they say can change that.