Streamer records under 30-minute Super Mario 64 run after only 7 hours of speedrunning

The streamer's final time came in at 29 minutes and 53 seconds.

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Speedrunning is something that often takes players hundreds or even thousands of hours to perfect. And even then, some are never able to break into the leaderboards ahead of other players.

But earlier today, streamer ChonnyBoi clocked an under 30-minute run of Super Mario 64 after just seven hours of trying.

For this specific speedrun category of Super Mario 64, the player only needed to collect a total of 16 stars before eliminating Bowser and finishing the game.

The stream began with ChonnyBoi taking his first attempt of the day and allegedly his third-ever attempt at speedrunning the game. This initial run clocked in at 40 minutes and two seconds, just two seconds shy of the “30-minute club” the streamer initially strived to enter.

As the stream went on, ChonnyBoi shaved down his time with each attempt until his final run around the seven-hour mark. Leading up to this point, the streamer had set a goal to come in under 30 minutes. This run ended with an epic showdown against Bowser as the clock ticked toward the 30-minute mark. The streamer was able to defeat Bowser, navigate through the text, and collect the final star coming in just shy of 30 minutes at 29 minutes and 53 seconds.

This impressive time put ChonnyBoi in the top 2,000 players for this specific speedrun category on the leaderboards. But it’s far off the top 16-star Super Mario 64 speedrun, which clocks in at just under 15 minutes.