Streamer plays Lost Ark theme perfectly after listening to it only once

HAchubby amazes Esfand and his audience.

Image via Smilegate

Featured on Twitch streamer Esfand’s channel, popular streamer and pianist HAchubby showed an incredible display of musical talent. After hearing the theme of the popular Amazon-backed MMO Lost Ark, HAchubby replicated the game’s soundtrack almost perfectly.

Just shortly after OTK co-founder Esfand finished playing a piece of music from Lost Ark, HAchubby began to play it note for note. Clearly impressed, Esfand sat back in amazement. “Wait, how are you doing that?” he asked repeatedly.

Though most well-known for her time as a Twitch streamer, most recently visiting Texas at the OTK content house, HAchubby is also a prolific music teacher with a degree in musical composition. This was far from the first time the popular Twitch streamer displayed her incredible ability to learn pieces by ear, having done so countless times on her own Twitch channel.

HAChubby boasts over 300,000 followers on Twitch, where she broadcasts different types of content. Her YouTube channel, where she posts her VODs, boasts over 200,000 followers.

Lost Ark has quickly become one of Twitch’s most-viewed games. Shortly after the game’s official western release, some of the most popular MMO streamers, including OTK co-founder Asmongold, broke several personal viewership records with the title. Popular among players as well as viewers, Lost Ark has also broken over a million concurrent players shortly after its release.

Among the most popular aspects of Amazon’s latest MMO is the melodic soundtrack that acts as the backdrop for the fantastical open world.