Streamer Macaiyla says she’s resigned from Cloud9 following tweet about Ukraine

She is not happy with the esports org.

Screengrab via Macaiyla on YouTube

Streamer and Twitch content creator Macaiyla has declared she’s leaving Cloud9 after being asked to remove a tweet she made about the situation in Ukraine. This comes amid her support of LS, who was released from Cloud9 after a two-month stint as head coach for the org’s League of Legends team.

Five days ago, she tweeted about LS’s release. “The most hard-working guy I’ve ever met. Nick [LS] never stops. You don’t need to know him to know this. He should be well respected. He is not some evil vile individual. He puts his best into everything. And he gave up everything to be on this org. I am fucking irritated.”

Today, Macaiyla’s tensions with Cloud9 reached a breaking point after she tweeted about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. “Kanye would stop this war if he was president. True,” she wrote. Some users saw her comment as distasteful and Cloud9 reportedly requested the Feb. 24 tweet be removed.

Screengrab via Inven Global

Macaiyla obliged and took down the tweet. Following this, however, the 22-year-old streamer released a statement: “My Kanye tweet was funny as fuck. I don’t regret it FYI. Org made me take it down,” she said. “U know who you’re following it aint my problem to make y’all feel good or be the good guy.”

The Twitch streamer expressed her desire to resign from Cloud9 soon after, tweeting out a poll that asked fans to vote on whether or not she should leave the org.

Fellow streamer IWillDominate weighed in on the situation: “No, you should literally just tone it down by like 10%. You don’t have to be a completely different person. I don’t believe the tweets that you deleted are so core to your being that it’s worth throwing away money/opportunities over.”

But his advice seemingly came too late. The poll swung in favor of resignation with 65% of the vote. The streamer then tweeted: “Ok I asked to leave.”

Cloud9 has yet to release any official statement on the matter. But, according to Macaiyla at least, she’s already resigned from the North American organization.