Streamer encounters hacker in Among Us

The player was able to eliminate the streamer without being next to him.

Image via Innersloth

Among Us has become extremely popular over the last few weeks due to its growing popularity on Twitch. While streamers often will play in custom lobbies complete with other members they know, one streamer who chose to play in a public lobby has encountered what appears to be a hacker in the game.

A clip shared to Reddit shows a streamer by the name of SpernWhale playing the game and navigating the map to complete tasks. As he exits a building, the white crewmate can be seen at the door and does not appear to be moving or following him at all.

As the streamer continues walking with no other players nearby, he is randomly taken out by the white crewmate. Surprised by this, the streamer re-watches the footage to confirm.

The game Among Us initially released in 2018 but its popularity exploded in 2020. During the time since the game has been available, there have been cheaters reported, but it would seem the boost in popularity has increased the number of cases shared online.

Due to the game forcing players to discuss who the imposters are to eliminate them and end the game, players in groups are sometimes able to share this information with each other and gain an unfair advantage over the rest of the lobby. This is not an issue that cannot be fixed and will rely on the honesty of players to reduce it.