Streamer 39daph blames ‘extremists’ for tiny Twitch ban that lasted just 33 minutes

She was targeted, apparently.

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Popular artist and Twitch streamer 39daph saw a brief, 33-minute ban from her live streaming platform after allegedly being mass reported. The Sentinels streamer claims she was likely mass reported due to her recent collaborations with popular VTubers.

On Sept. 15, 39daph’s Twitch channel was temporarily suspended due to alleged “sexually explicit content.”

Daph’s suspension from Twitch proved to be an incredibly short hiatus from the platform, as the Sentinels streamer was rapidly unbanned only 33-minutes.

Hours after her ban and unban, the livestreamer shared Twitch’s automated notification alerting her of the ban, stating the infraction was likely a result of viewers mass reporting a sex scene in the game she was then playing, Immortality.

The Sentinels streamer went on to repost a Sept. 14 video, wherein she alleges that she has been repeatedly harassed by malicious users due to her recent collaboration with VTuber creators.

In the video, Daph expressed that she had been targeted by “extremist fans” who do not approve of her involvement with Hololive VTubers. The Sentinels content creator claims she has been targeted by “extremist fans” who have doxxed both her and fellow streamers affiliated with Daph.

Daph also rebuked claims that she made malicious, racist remarks. The same alleged group who supposedly mass reported the streamer has also regularly posted screenshots of Daph uses banned words on Twitch such as cracker. Daph stated that she only used the “c-word” in relation to the controversy surrounding Hasan Piker and that other screenshots have been taken out of context.

The streamer ultimately believes the recent mass report came from the same group harassing and attempting to defame her.

Though the alleged group may have temporarily taken Daph off the platform, Twitch quickly amended the issue and has since given Daph back full reign over her channel.