Stream sniper pleads with xQc to end gambling controversy

xQc's viewer makes his wishes known.

While live on Pokimane’s channel, popular livestreamer Jakenbake was met with a stream sniper who had a message for xQc.

One of Twitch’s single most viewed creators, xQc, has become embroiled in controversy since he returned to sponsored gambling streams. After partnering with Stake, the French-Canadian streamer has regularly streamed gambling content, typically during later hours. Fellow streamers have criticized his actions, but the biggest backlash has come from his own community, particularly after he revealed that almost $120 million had been spent using his promo code.

The aftermath of xQc’s decision has rippled across Twitch. While not all streamers have condemned the former Overwatch League pro’s return to sponsored gambling streams, many have petitioned for Twitch to ban the practice. Despite the discourse only intensifying, xQc has maintained his position. The debate surrounding xQc’s gambling has become nearly inescapable, emphasized by a recent stream sniper appearance on Pokimane’s channel.

Streaming IRL content in South Korea with the likes of JakenBake, Berry, and more, Pokimane has already encountered various stream snipers making appearances on her broadcast. When her stream was left with Jakenbake, one sniper asked permission to send a direct message to xQc. Allotted a platform to speak to the Twitch star, the sniper had a simple request. “xQc, don’t gamble, play chess,” the viewer asked, invoking his famous emote ‘xQcL’ before making his exit.

Though xQc was never a chess master, as Moist Cr1TiKaL infamously checkmated xQc in six moves during a Streamer chess event, the meta was a beloved era on his channel. Viewers in the reddit thread which followed the clip echoed the sniper’s sentiments, though many were pessimistic about xQc’s gambling arc ever ending.

While we may not see xQc retire his gambling content anytime soon, his audience has proven they’re willing to go to extreme lengths to make their desire known.