XQc reveals jaw-dropping amount fans have wagered using his gambling promo code

That's a lot of juice.

Popular Twitch streamer xQc has been at the center of controversy since he began accepting gambling sponsorships. Despite this, he continues to bring in high viewership and according to him, his fans have been very eager to use his gambling promo code.

Despite swearing off gambling sponsors in 2021 and admitting he has a gambling addiction, xQc recently partnered with gambling website Stake. On his stream, he has played hours of slots and blackjack, broadcasting to many thousands of viewers.

When a fan suggested he check the stats on his Stake account, xQc saw how many people had signed up and how much money had been wagered using his promo code.

“It’s not that bad, $119 million,” xQc revealed to more than 80,000 viewers, “It’s not crazy… That’s rookie numbers, compared to some of these nutjobs.”

Though xQc’s chat was hesitant to believe him, the streamer explained that the figure is all money “put in” and is mostly comprised of bonuses from new player sign-ups. He also claimed the amount “always comes back somehow.”

XQc’s return to sponsored gambling content has divided Twitch, as he has urged fans not to think of him as a role model and seems set on continuing sponsored gambling streams. The former Overwatch pro has still been the subject of immense criticism, with many other streamers now asking Twitch to outright ban gambling content.

Twitch has yet to restrict the ‘gambling meta’ xQc is using.