Speedrunner Simply gets emotional after beating personal best record in Super Mario 64

Simply sets his new personal best.

Popular speedrunner and Twitch star Simply gave an emotional speech on stream after beating his personal record in Super Mario 64 for the first time in nearly two years, setting a pacey new high-water mark of 1:38.21.

Simply has been an avid Super Mario 64 player, one of the most popular speedrunning games, for nearly his entire Twitch career. Until recently, the streamer had stagnated in his progress and largely failed to measure up to his old record. On Feb. 9, however, Simply broke through and couldn’t help but relish the moment.

Simply’s chat flooded with positivity and applause as he he shed a tear, looking over at his new personal best. “There’s always moments where you come back to the game where you doubt yourself, and not be sure if you can do it, like if you still have it” he admitted, “It feels good man.”

Simply’s masterful Super Mario 64 run not only beat his personal best, but moved the streamer up the global speedrun rankings as well. With his run, Simply overtook Japanese speedrunner Batora for the third fastest run in the recorded history of the game, according to speedrun.com.

With the fastest time only set one week ago by Spanish speedrunner Cheese, the difference between Simply’s third place run and Cheese’ top spot comes down to a little over one minute. Climbing another rung up in the global rankings, Simply not only displayed his incredible knowledge of the age-old Nintendo game, but also showed his resiliency in achieving this new personal record after countless attempts.