Soulja Boy spits impressive freestyle in Among Us lobby

The rapper decided while he was dead in the lobby, he would freestyle for fans.

Screengrab via YouTube (

Twitch attracts a variety of content creators from all realms of entertainment.

One such entertainer who has found a home on the site is rap artist Soulja Boy. And during a recent Among Us stream the rapper decided while he was dead in the lobby, he would freestyle for his chat.

This freestyle included multiple references to gaming-related characters and titles while including many other themes that are familiar with Soulja’s music. The rapping continued until the remaining crewmates in the game had cast their votes.

Soulja has recently joined many streamers taking part in Among Us lobbies. The rapper has brought with him some of the most enjoyable moments from the game due to his unique personality. Popular streamer xQc event went as far as uploading a video with highlights from his stream titled “Soulja Boy is the FUNNIEST person to play Among Us with…”

The rapper and producer made his streaming debut back in June. This began with him playing VALORANT without realizing his mic had been muted and his chat was unable to hear him. Since then, Soulja has come a long way, amassing over 450,000 followers.

Twitch has seen a recent influx of personalities from a variety of disciplines over the past year, including fellow rapper T-Pain and actor Jordan Fisher.