Sodapoppin unbanned from Twitch after 24 hours

Sodapoppin's ban lasted a day.

Screengrab via Sodapoppin

Popular streamer Sodapoppin is now back on Twitch following a ban he received yesterday.

Per the site’s policy, Twitch did not reveal the reason for the ban, which prompted fans to speculate why Sodapoppin, as well as Soda’s friend and fellow streamer, Roflgator, were banned in quick succession.

Many fans pointed to a VRChat stream Soda and Roflgator had on July 17. During the stream, several other players’ characters wore revealing clothing, which may have been in violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines regarding sexually explicit content.

Despite the ban, Sodapoppin issued a satirical apology to his YouTube channel, making light of the situation and poking fun at the reason behind his ban. In the video, Soda apologized to his family, friends, pets, and Twitch before joking that the reason for his ban was due to “too much sexual content going on all at once” inside VR during his stream.  

While Roflgator did not produce a video of his own, he tweeted out an image from the inside of a jail cell, as well as sharing the tweet regarding his unbanning, captioning it “UNCAGED…. IM A NEW MAN.”

Although Sodapoppin is not live, Roflgator has already hopped back onto VRChat to resume his escapades.