Sodapoppin addresses critics of speed-leveling in WoW Classic

The streamer explains why he’s taking the grind so seriously.

Screengrab via Sodapoppin on YouTube

Hardcore WoW Classic players are putting countless hours into the MMO, racing to see who can get the first character to hit level 60. For people who think players should slow down and take their time enjoying the experience, Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris has an explanation for you.

Sodapoppin, one of the most popular WoW streamers of all time, addressed critics in his stream today, giving his reasoning for speed-leveling his Druid.

“I want to compete in tournaments and I want to clear Molten Core in the first week,” Sodapoppin said. “I’m not enjoying doing the same dungeon… I’m not having a dopamine rush from it, but I do enjoy the part of leveling quick. Being the first group to clear Molten Core, like, I enjoy that stuff.”

Guilds racing toward Molten Core, a level 60 raid located inside Blackrock Mountain, are seeking to be the first group to put Ragnaros’ flaming head on a pike.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Despite the pleasure Sodapoppin takes in leveling up quickly, he acknowledges the opposing viewpoint.

“I want to level an [alternate character] and take my sweet time with it,” Sodapoppin said. “But I also want to take the game really seriously.”

To watch Sodapoppin stream WoW Classic, tune in to his Twitch Channel where he’s on day three of his 60-day grind.