Shroud’s streaming schedule: When does Shroud stream?

He's on nearly every afternoon for more than seven hours.

Screengrab via shroud

Shroud may have taken some time away from Twitch in favor of a lucrative deal with Mixer, but now that he’s been back on the platform for a year, he is firmly entrenched in a schedule that includes close to 50 hours of streaming a week.

A tentative version of his schedule is listed on his Twitch channel and effectively suggests he’s online from 1 to 8pm CT every day of the week except for Tuesdays.

While he largely tries to follow that schedule, there is a certain amount of variation that exists in reality.

Because the former CS:GO pro lives on the West Coast, he doesn’t stream quite as early in the day as guys like NickMercs or TimTheTatman. Instead, he begins his streams sometime in the afternoon.

His actual stream start time regularly ranges from 11:30am CT to as late as 4pm CT, and his broadcasts often last longer than the seven hours listed on his channel. Sometimes his stream will last as short as six hours. But on a regular basis, he will stream for eight or even 12 hours in one session.

Though Tuesday is typically the day he has listed as being off from streaming, it’s not uncommon for him to do a shorter stream on the day. He will also sometimes take days of the weekend off from streaming.

To know exactly when he’s going live, fans can keep track of Shroud’s account on Twitter. He almost exclusively uses the account to post a link to his stream when he goes live.


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