Shroud says he spent $13,000 on a private jet to participate in a WoW raid

It was only a two-hour flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and back.

Image via shroud

Shroud revealed in his stream yesterday with just9n that he spent over $13,000 on a private jet to arrive on time for a World of Warcraft raid in February. They were discussing the price change of flights due to the coronavirus pandemic when he remembered the experience. 

“You know the only reason I did that was to make my WoW raid,” shroud said. He needed to get to Las Vegas and back to Los Angeles in time and this was the only way to do it. “I would have done a normal flight but I had to make my WoW raid because it was BWL launch day.”

Shroud said a normal flight would’ve cost him about $1,500, but he wouldn’t have made it back in time. The private jet, however, cost him around $6,600 per hour. Given that this was roughly a two-hour round trip, it cost him around $13,000.

The WoW Classic Blackwing Lair was launched on Feb. 12. Blizzard’s launch of WoW Classic in August 2019 was a big hit and many streamers reached the top of the viewership charts after they started streaming the game on Twitch. 

“I figured you know, why not give it a shot?” shroud said. “That’s the best time to try it, on a very short flight where it’s not going to be like ridiculously expensive. Like, imagine going to Europe on a private jet.”

Shroud showed his commitment to the game and surprised just9n and viewers with this information. Before moving to Mixer, shroud played CS:GO professionally but started playing WoW on a regular basis. At the time, though, this change led to him losing at least 2,000 Twitch subscribers.