Shroud forced to evacuate home due to California fires

Fortunately, both the streamer and his partner are safe.

Screengrab via shroud

Popular Twitch streamer Shroud has been forced to take some time away from streaming due to fires in his area.

In a tweet, Shroud’s partner, Hannah, shared the couple were forced to evacuate their home yesterday but are now safe and awaiting word that they can return home.

Currently, there are multiple wildfires burning throughout California, forcing thousands of people out of their homes until the blaze is under control. Due to these circumstances, Shroud’s streams will be postponed. He said they will “hopefully resume soon.”

After signing a large exclusivity deal to stream on Microsoft’s since-shuttered streaming service, Mixer, Shroud returned to Twitch in August. Fans welcomed him with thousands of subscribers and more than half of a million concurrent viewers in his first stream back on the site.

Hopefully, Shroud and all those affected by the ongoing fires stay safe.