Shroud comes to save xQc during Twitch Rivals Rust event

Having Shroud as an ally pays off.

Screengrab via Shroud on Twitch

During a massive Twitch Rivals Rust event featuring countless prominent streamers, xQc was unexpectedly rescued by FPS legend Shroud.

Several hours into the Rust event, xQc found himself in a rough spot. The French-Canadian streamer had gotten in a one-vs-one gunfight with an unknown adversary. Though he landed his initial shots, xQc’s Winston aim from his Overwatch League days reared its head. After missing a wide spread of shots, xQc sustained a serious blow and dropped from full health to barely clinging on at nine health.

After taking cover in an attempt to heal, the situation looked dire for xQc. The aggressor quickly took the opportunity to rush Twitch’s top streamer, but a mysterious source came to xQc’s aid. Just as the attacker leaped upon a ledge, a deftly aimed shot dispatched the threat.

Shocked by the sudden appearance of a savior, xQc soon heard the all-too-familiar voice of Shroud. “Did I kill him?” the former CS:GO pro asked. XQc confirmed Shroud’s immaculate kill before thanking him. “Thank you, man. You saved me. You actually saved me,” the streamer admitted.

Having Shroud on his side certainly paid off for xQc. Even after this life-threatening encounter, the duo continued to travel together throughout the event for some time.

Twitch Rivals’ Rust event was a massive undertaking that brought countless communities together onto one server. Though the event was not without its hiccups, we got to see some unexpected collaborations between some of the platform’s most popular and entertaining figures.