Scarra ends 2019 by completing his 365-day streaming challenge

The streamer celebrated the feat with a drunk New Year's Eve stream.

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Former League of Legends pro William “scarra” Li has had an illustrious career, hitting Challenger for multiple seasons, playing on the big LCS stage, and founding online social entertainment group Offline TV. But no achievement is more impressive than streaming every single day of 2019.

Scarra went live for the 365th time last night, celebrating the milestone with a “drunk stream” on Twitch.

The streamer created several rules while playing Teamfight Tactics, such as drinking whenever he three-stars a unit or when he places in the bottom four.

The former pro streamed until 2020, counting down the new year with friends like Team Liquid positional coach Eugene “Pobelter” Park and esports interviewer Ovilee May. And lucky for fans, scarra’s New Year’s kiss was his webcam.

Despite all the fun on his final day, 2019 did offer its bumps in the road for the educational streamer. Scarra was left without internet for a few days when the entire Offline TV group moved to a new house. But the former pro was able to manage with fellow streamer Disguised Toast lending him his PC.

Though scarra’s 365 days is quite a feat, it’s nowhere near the record set by Ben “CohhCarnage” Cassell. The streamer went live for a 2,000 consecutive days, broadcasting through sickness, holidays, and the birth of his child, according to Kotaku.

Fans eager to watch scarra broadcast in 2020 can tune in to his Twitch channel.