“RoboDoc” takes over Dr Disrespect’s stream following encounter with The Undertaker

Doc doesn't even know what's going on.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/DrDisrespect

Dr Disrespect’s stream had a peculiar opening today when “RoboDoc” was working to revive the Doc after the Two-Time’s confrontation with The Undertaker last week

The animated robot replica of Dr Disrespect, which appeared to be voiced by Doc himself using a voice changer, sat in front of a body bag saying that he was reviving Disrespect prior to him appearing via his normal full-cam face shot. 

Dr Disrespect seemed to be confused about what RoboDoc was saying, though, claiming that he was “right here” and alive following the fight with one of the WWE’s greatest wrestlers of all time.

The confusion was exacerbated when Dr Disrespect and RoboDoc continued to have a back and forth. RoboDoc claimed that he was going to take over the stream for the day while Dr Disrespect was being revived. The Doc added that the Disrespect that viewers were seeing wasn’t the real Doc. 

Dr Disrespect wasn’t having any of it, though, telling “Alex,” his assistant, to get RoboDoc to stop. 

“Where he’s broadcasting from, his room inside of the arena?” Doc said. “Find him. Power his ass down. Yeah, it’s making me god damn sick. This is my show.”

RoboDoc continued to say that Dr Disrespect was “trapped” and “destroyed” by The Undertaker. Afterward, RoboDoc began to read off donations and subscriptions, the same way Doc would. 

While it’s unclear exactly what’s “reality” in the Dr Disrespect universe, the entire series of back-and-forth conversations was ridiculously confusing to viewers.