Ranboo breaks 4 million Twitch followers

That's a lot of followers.

Twitch streamer and content creator Ranboo surpassed four million followers on Twitch today. The American streamer has seen a sudden rise on the platform since he began broadcasting on Twitch in September 2020.

Ranboo first started posting content on TikTok and YouTube, where he similarly saw almost immediate success. On YouTube, Ranboo already boasts 3.72 million subscribers off of his twenty-five total videos. On TikTok, Ranboo also hosts more than 4 million followers. Now, his Twitch following is on par with some of the largest content creators on the platform.

Ranboo is most well known for his Minecraft content and collaborations, specifically on the Dream SMP server. Here he has played alongside some of the biggest Minecraft content creators on the platform, including TommyInnit and GeorgeNotFound.

Ranboo is one of the most private streamers in the Minecraft community. Quite notoriously he has never shown his face since he often wears a face mask and large sunglasses. Nor has Ranboo ever revealed his legal name. Only recently did the streamer even show the color of his eyes, which has been met by shock from fans.

Recently launching his own merchandise line and doing his second charity sub-a-thon stream, Ranboo has grown his platform and online presence immensely. The 18-year-old content creator is seemingly only getting started, with his first full year on Twitch already seeing tremendous growth.

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