Projekt Melody banned on Twitch again, partner status removed

Her ban was rescinded after two days.

Image via Twitch

Virtual camgirl Projekt Melody, who last streamed on Nov. 2, was handed a second ban from Twitch this morning. The company also removed her partner status.

Melody’s first suspension on the platform came in March when she was banned just one day after making her debut stream. At the time, the self-described “Hentai AI” said she “got too spicy” on Twitch. After three days, the ban was lifted.

While the streamer sticks to SFW content on her Twitch, having streamed regularly on the platform over the past few months, her overt and open NSFW nature likely meant that she was under more scrutiny than most.

It doesn’t bode well for Melody fans, however, that her partner status has been revoked. Twitch’s ban guidelines and durations vary wildly but unpartnering a streamer indicates a more severe sentence. It’s possible that the virtual streamer has been permanently banned from the platform.

Update Nov. 6 5:05am CT: Projekt Melody’s Twitch ban was rescinded after two days.

The streamer posted a lengthy explanation regarding her suspension. DigitrevX, a 3D artist and modeler who designed Melody’s virtual body, filed a DMCA takedown against her Twitch channel, claiming that the streamer was infringing on his copyright.

Melody provided invoices showing that DigitrevX was paid in full for his services and design work. The streamer also sent messages to the 3D artist in December 2019 confirming that she owned the intellectual property, with DigitrevX in agreement.

Nevertheless, the 3D artist continuously helped Melody over the next few months without compensation, despite the streamer offering to do so.

The working relationship between the two soured when DigitirevX offered a partnership deal through his company Giga Music Group, wanting $40,000 a month from Melody. The streamer, upon consultation with those in the industry, rejected the deal after finding it to be “grossly inflated and offered unnecessary services.”

Melody said DigitrevX continued to demand unreasonable monetary compensation and promotion for his new project, YFU BABY.

“I’ve been dealing with it for months, and it’s given me endless stress which made me cancel streams some days because I was too shaky from the anxiety,” Melody said. “I kept expecting it to resolve itself since the initial claim had no merit. I am not looking for more drama, I just want him to leave me alone so I can focus on my channel and community.”