Pokimane sneaks into small streamer’s IRL broadcast

Pokimane stream snipes a fellow streamer.

Popular streamer Pokimane made an unexpected appearance on streamer Neszt’s broadcast last night. Pokimane hadn’t interacted with him before.

Travel & Outdoors streamer Neszt was sitting by himself when one of the platform’s most popular and influential content creators unexpectedly approached him.

Pokimane approached Neszt, asking if he was streaming on Twitch. He recognized Pokimane and, taken aback by the chance meeting, called her “Queen Poki,” saying it was nice to meet her.

Waving to the chat, Pokimane explained she saw Neszt streaming from afar while strolling around in Los Angeles. “I saw you really talking to people and thought, ‘this guy must have a community’,” Pokimane said. Though downplaying her streamer status, Pokimane congratulated Neszt on the success of his stream.

After Pokimane pulled up a seat, it wasn’t long until the chat began flooding with the question on most viewers’ minds about whether Pokimane would stay on Twitch. Only several days ago, Pokimane revealed that her contract with Twitch had expired and that she intended to announce her next move in a matter of days.

Neszt assured the popular stream that his chat had “no snitches” if she wanted to leak it early. Pokimane refrained from giving out too much information, instead saying “I’ll tell you one thing. Process of elimination, I won’t stream on Periscope. I won’t stream on TikTok Gaming. I won’t move to Facebook. How about that?”

Neszt’s streams are usually in the Travel & Outdoors category, formerly what Twitch would call IRL content. Though he normally streams from public locations, it’s not often he happens to be approached by one of the platform’s most famous streamers.