PewDiePie surprises streamer with their first donation

The small streamer was grateful for the donation.

Screengrab via PewDiePie

Popular YouTuber PewDiePie decided to donate to a small streamer during a recent video titled “You Laugh You Donate.” It turned out to be the streamer’s first donation ever, though, and they seemed thrilled to receive the generous gift. 

PewdiePie recently went through the Among Us section on Twitch to find the user with the least amount of viewers. He finally found a small streamer who could use a bit of help and decided to donate to their stream. PewDiePie donated $69 to the streamer who was confused to receive such a large donation, let alone from one of the most prominent YouTubers in the world.

After deciding to expand into streaming, PewDiePie signed an exclusive streaming contract with YouTube in May and has made appearances with other big names over the past few months. He’s participated in several games of Among Us, which sets a group of 10 against one another as they attempt to find the two imposters.

PewDiePie also played Fall Guys with Dr Disrespect, another popular streamer who recently joined YouTube after being banned from Twitch earlier this year. When PewDiePie isn’t streaming or creating content, he’s also joining the debate on hot topics. He recently chimed in on Joe Rogan’s comments on video games and how they don’t help you get anywhere. 

This donation to a small streamer was a nice moment for both parties and the fans who watched it take place. The next time you’re streaming to a few people, remember that a famous YouTuber could make an unexpected appearance.