OBS and Twitch collaborate to build feature to support separate audio track for VODs

The new feature is available in OBS Studio 26.1.

Image via Twitch

Twitch streamers may get some relief from the DMCA onslaught.

OBS Studio 26.1 will support a separate audio track solely for VODs as a way to help streamers attempt to evade DMCA takedown notices. Over the past few months, streamers have had little option other than to refrain from streaming any audio that could potentially breach copyright.

With a second audio track, streamers can broadcast all audio to their viewers while the VOD track is used only for audio that is not at risk of DMCA infringement.

Currently, there has been no information on how this process will work with clips taken from a stream. Much like VODs, clips have been another problem for streamers that has been flagged by the system.

Twitch suggested to its users that they go through and remove any content on their channel from the past that could potentially contain anything breaching DMCA.

As for streaming music content, Twitch has announced the open beta for their dedicated copyright free music streaming service Soundtrack, teasing a plugin for OBS to come shortly.