Noxcrew unveils next Minecraft Championship event, MCC All-Stars

The stars are aligning for this MCC.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

Noxcrew has a way of making each Minecraft Championship (MCC) more memorable than the last. Though all iterations of the event have been a blast to watch, the exclusive ones take the crown.

MCC events that celebrate seasonal events or experiment with different formats add an element of surprise to the tournaments—and it looks like another one is next in line. The next MCC will be an All-Star event, Noxcrew announced today.

This means that the roster for the event will only feature players who have won at least one MCC. As of now, MCC All-Stars is scheduled to take place on Nov. 13. The event is most likely to go live at 2pm CT, like the previous ones.

Considering MCC All-Stars will feature some of the best players in the event’s history, every moment in the tournament should be filled with action and adrenaline. Tuning into the tournament through the official admin stream should still be one of the best ways to spectate it, but fans may need to switch to other players’ points of view sooner this time to capture the competitive atmosphere. will once again be the hub of the tournament where players can access their favorite streamers’ links and also keep an eye on the overall scores.

Noxcrew plans to release the roster details in the upcoming days, but you can take a look at every Minecraft Championship (MCC) winner to have an idea of who you can expect to see in this tournament.

To stay up-to-date with the MCC and keep up with all the event-related news or announcements, you can follow the MCC’s official Twitter account. The rosters often get posted on Twitter a few days before the event and if there’s a last-minute delay, the organizers will let the fans know through its social media channels.