Noxcrew showcases the holiday updates for MC Minecraft Championship 13

The devs are going all out for the last MCC of 2020.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

Noxcrew plans to close out 2020 with a bang. The MC Minecraft Championship’s first season will end with MCC 13.

In a new video, the developers detailed some of the changes that have been added to the upcoming MCC event to make it more interesting and include some festive cheer. 

Along with the entire hub being decked out with Christmas and winter-themed decorations and designs, a new mini-game has been added that will take place during Decision Dome breaks. Titled “Present Sharing,” players will be tasked with finding piles of presents scattered around the hub and delivering them to a designated person on the server, which will be picked at random once they pick up the package. 

Players who successfully deliver presents to their target will be given special power-ups that can be used in the Decision Dome, though there’s also a chance that both players will just get coal. 

Present Piles, where you need to go to grab a package, will all have a limited number of presents in them, which will force players to look for other piles around the hub.

Moving onto the mini-games themselves, several are also getting some holiday gift wrapping with a few even testing some new changes. The first example given was Parkour Tag, which looks more festive and now will have hunters who tag another player show up, highlighted, on the map for the other runners to see for a few seconds. 

Sands of Time has been completely renovated into Snows of Time, meaning players will need to collect snow and coins to earn their points in the new, frigid environment. Battle Box also got a new map, which Noxcrew points to being just outside of Santa’s Toy Factory. 

Sky Battle, Ace Race, Survival Games, Hole in the Wall, Big Sales At Build Mart, and more are all receiving holiday reworks, whether it be in the looks department or with a few festive changes to the gameplay too. Dodgebolt has also been replaced with a Snowball Fight, so get ready to see some super-speed throws from some of the competitors. 

MCC 13 begins on Dec. 12 with all 40 players required to wear holiday-themed skins while they compete in the last event of the season. Stick around to the end of the event to see a special something extra from Noxcrew, too.