Here are the notes and updates for Escape from Tarkov Patch

It's patch day.

Image via Battlestate Games

Battlestate Games is setting its sights on game stability in Escape from Tarkov’s latest patch, aiming to reduce freezes and fix unwarranted FPS drops.

The developers added a few quality of life changes to Tarkov but, more importantly, they’ve fixed weapon presets, animation glitches, and game-breaking bugs. The devs also finally resolved issues around Hideout, the game’s abandoned and cluttered bomb shelter.

The patch is now live and available to play worldwide.

Here’s the full list of updates and notes for Escape from Tarkov Patch


  • The package from the ammo box will be destroyed automatically after unpacking
  • Sound of backpack quick drop reduced by 30 percent


  • Custom settings for each HUD element. Option to display health in old and new styles


Weapon presets

  • Mods of current preset would reset after entering the flea market
  • Color indication for parameters when comparing the current and selected modification. Now the blue color always indicates a change for the better and red for the worse
  • When switching to the preset via the context menu, the specified weapon was not selected as the basis


  • After exiting the shooting range with ESC button, player couldn’t enter it back
  • The progress of Bitcoin farm production was reset when you picked up part of the coins that were ready
  • Cartridges discarded during operations with the chamber remained on the floor of the shooting range after leaving


  • Animation and the sound of backpack quick drop used to play twice
  • The “Vitality” skill did not reduce the chance of bleeding
  • The “Invite to group” button was the second in the lobby context menu
  • At the Reserve location, the siren did not always sound when the lever was activated
  • Blacked out limbs were not able to be penetrated by bullets
  • Player wouldn’t put the compass away in some situations
  • Other bug fixes
  • Various bug fixes on locations