Ninja updates fans on his small break from streaming

The Fortnite streamer has decided to take a couple of days off.

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After making waves with his historic move to Mixer earlier this month, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins told fans today that he’s taking a much-needed break from streaming to spend time with his family.

Ninja addressed his fans in a heartfelt tweet, explaining that he won’t be streaming today and tomorrow.

The Fortnite phenom’s current priority is spending time with his loved ones. “Last night was incredibly epic, and it made me realize even more how important family is and spending time with loved ones,” Ninja said.

Ninja also took yesterday off to spend time with his father.

The streamer’s current schedule on Mixer is similar to the one he had on Twitch, streaming every day from 9:30am to 6pm CT. The rigorous schedule, though lucrative, gives little room for Ninja to have a personal life.

Most fans are praising Ninja on the “healthy work-life balance.” Others, however, are disappointed because they feel like Ninja was partially responsible for the cancellation of Friday Fortnite, a weekly event that pits streamers against each other.

Ninja fans who want to watch their favorite streamer can check back on Sunday, Aug. 18.