Ninja latest streamer to abandon battle royales for WoW Classic

The battle royale community loses another one.

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Popular streamer and Fortnite star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is the latest to fall victim to the WoW Classic epidemic.

The streamer tweeted the news today, informing fans that after accepting one quest he was addicted.

The announcement divided Ninja’s fan base. While some prefer to watch him play Epic Games’ battle royale, the vast majority are welcoming him as “one of us.”

Ninja is currently streaming WoW Classic on his Mixer channel to 9,000 viewers with the help of Timothy “TimtheTatman” John Betar and Jordan Fisher. The streamer is leveling his Tauren Druid by questing in Mulgore.

Though Ninja is the latest streamer to go over to the WoW side, he’s certainly not the only one.

FPS legend Michael “shroud” Grzesiek claimed that he was willing to lose viewers and money in order to stream WoW Classic.

“In my mind, I figured I would not get the views I normally get, I would not get the donors I usually get, I would not get the subs I usually get,” shroud said. “I’m playing this game for my own thing.”

Since it’s launch one week ago, WoW Classic is still the most-viewed game on Twitch with 350,000 people currently watching.

As its popularity continues to swell, it won’t be a surprise to see more streamers fall prey to Blizzard’s MMO.