Ninja isn’t having as much fun playing Fortnite right now

The man really wants an update.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is the game that helped mold the streaming career of Ninja following the title’s explosion as the most-watched game on Twitch in 2018. But that doesn’t mean the popular streamer can’t take issue with the game. 

During yesterday’s stream, a plethora of laggy moments and awkward end-game encounters left Ninja saying quite frankly “I’m not having fun.”

Early in one particular game, Ninja experienced odd moments of game lagging and freezing, despite the fact that the game had just begun and he wasn’t even in a fight with any other players. 

“Dude, I’m freaking out right now,” Ninja said. “Fortnite is falling apart. Devs have gone, they haven’t updated their game once, apparently, the game just deteriorates when there aren’t updates.”

The last update that Fortnite had was v11.31 on Dec. 18 when the game’s Winterfest event began and there’s no set time for any new patch release. 

After theorizing that the game’s lag and unplayability could be tied to a lack of updates, Ninja proceeded to beg for an update that would remedy his woes. 

“I’m getting lag, freezes, (and) FPS drops all the time now,” Ninja said. “Come home. Update the game or send half your guys back.”

Despite his frustration, Ninja has continued to play Fortnite, logging 28 hours of play time on Mixer from Dec. 31 to Jan. 6. While many of his playing partners like TimTheTatman and DrLupo have taken a break from Fortnite to play Escape from Tarkov, Ninja has sworn off the idea of playing the game on stream.