Ninja hits 3 million followers on Mixer 8 months after leaving Twitch

The iconic streamer has maintained a large following on the new platform.

Screengrab via Ninja

Ninja has reached three million followers on Mixer, the popular streamer announced today. He’s the most-followed streamer on the platform and has maintained a solid fan base eight months after leaving Twitch.

Ninja was formerly the poster boy of Twitch. He rose to fame with his eccentric personality and skills in Fortnite. He surprised the streaming world when he announced that he was making the jump to Mixer last August and many wondered if it would negatively impact his brand and following.

Ninja did see a 33-percent drop in viewership after moving to Mixer. Before leaving Twitch, he averaged 36,146 viewers per stream. But during the early days of Mixer, he averaged 12,036. This was expected, however, and Ninja didn’t take a major hit because he now had the freedom to expand into other deals and sponsorships.

Ninja’s team confirmed that one of the main reasons he decided to leave Twitch was because of the restrictions the platform had on how he could expand his brand. Mixer doesn’t seem to have the same limitations, though, since Ninja has closed several major deals in the last eight months.

Eight months after making the jump, Ninja has hit three million followers and is unsurprisingly the largest personality on the platform. This is still a far cry from the 14 million followers he had on Twitch, but he has continued to grow steadily on the new platform.

Ninja will likely continue to gain followers as Mixer grows in popularity and fans decide to check out another streaming platform besides Twitch.