Ninja had more than 700,000 unique viewers in his return to Twitch

Ninja is back in a big way.

Screengrab via Ninja

In a simple two-hour stream playing Fortnite’s summer update with DrLupo earlier today, Ninja had more than 700,000 unique viewers pop into his Twitch chat as he returned to the streaming platform. 

The timing was also perfect for the popular streamer. He returned to his original channel almost exactly a year after leaving to stream exclusively on Mixer. 

The broadcast lasted just over two hours and was an earlier stream than what Ninja viewers are typically used to, but the hype surrounding his return was enough to drive some massive numbers. He peaked at around 98,726 viewers and averaged around 70,319 for the entire stream, according to both TwitchTracker and Ninja himself.

He also gained more than 75,000 followers in a broadcast that had 762,265 unique viewers at least click on his channel. 

After the stream ended, Ninja was notified that he reached the requirements to enter Twitch’s Affiliate program, which means users will soon be able to subscribe to his channel again. But now that he’s started streaming on his Twitch channel again, he could get his partner status back soon. 

Ninja is still the most followed channel on Twitch, sitting at 14.8 million followers compared to Tfue, who’s in second place with 8.8 million. 

Ninja has not yet announced if he’s going to be exclusively broadcasting on Twitch moving forward, but his faithful viewers were likely just happy to see him live again.