Neymar’s Twitch account has been banned

The banhammer has hit one of soccer's biggest stars.

Photo via Antoine Dellenbach

World-famous soccer superstar Neymar has been banned off of Twitch.

It’s unclear why the account has been banned at the moment, but the ban-hammer was swung not that long ago. It’s Neymar’s first ban on the platform.

Neymar streamed as recently act Oct. 26, as evidenced by his Twitter feed, when he went live while playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil national team star has been streaming for several months, playing games like CS:GO and others. He’s got a pretty solid shot, as he does on the pitch.

Neymar has been involved with gaming for many years, expressing interest in buying a League of Legends team as far back as 2017. He’s a legitimate gamer.

This is a developing story, so stay tuned for more information about the ban.

Update Nov. 16 5:59pm CT: Neymar’s Twitch channel has been unbanned after a week-long suspension.