Neymar reportedly interested in buying a League of Legends team

Neymar could be the latest superstar athlete to invest in an esports team.

Image via Barcelona FC

Superstar soccer player Neymar is reportedly set to invest in a League of Legends team, according to ESPN UOL also reported on this news, stating that Neymar looks to follow in the footsteps of legendary soccer player Ronaldo, who recently invested in the Brazilian League of Legends region a few weeks ago.

The news follows Neymar’s shoutout to Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez, founder of the Origen esports organization, who was recently sponsored by Gillette, which also sponsors Neymar.

The reports also state that Neymar is supposedly interested in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, after he was spotted posting photos of him playing the game on social media.

Neymar playing with SK Gaming. December 2016

Regardless, any inclusion of the Barcelona and Brazilian superstar would be a welcome edition to the growing potential of esports.

More details will be added regarding this situation as more information is released.

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Image via Red Bull/Barcelona FC