New NICKMERCS Beats by Dre set to drop on July 22

He'll be unveiling the merch on stream tomorrow.

Screengrab via NICKMERCS

NICKMERCS is further leveraging his deal with Beats by Dre this week to give fans another opportunity to get their hands on more MFAM-themed audio products.

Speaking on his stream today, the popular battle royale streamer teased the latest activation of his partnership with Beats that will include a sale of MFAM merchandise beginning on Friday. Nick said that he will be unveiling items on his stream tomorrow, and the items will be available for purchase at the end of the week.

Beats by Dre posted to Twitter this morning a video teasing more potential NICKMERCS-themed merchandise. The video did not hint at what exactly was coming, but it included the caption “Time to eat #MFAM.” Nick replied to the tweet, “MMMMMMM YES.”

This merch drop will be on the lighter side, according to Nick, but he added that there will be a lot more to come in the future.

“It’s the little boom before the big boom,” he said. “It won’t always be this way… but tomorrow it will be a very small batch.”

Nick was not allowed to disclose exactly the size of the drop, but he said that it wouldn’t be unreasonably small (i.e. 20 headsets). Additionally, he emphasized that Beats gave him a “gigantic box” of stuff to give away to fans, and he indicated that he will be doing so in the coming days.

The gear won’t just be Beats headphones with an MFAM logo slapped on it either, according to Nick. He said that moving forward, his team is working to make “custom” items with Beats, He didn’t say if this particular drop would include those that more customized gear, though.

Nick originally announced his deal with Beats by Dre in November of last year. The deal included MFAM-branded ear buds as well as branded MFAM-branded headphones. As a part of the deal, Nick also gave away some of the merch to fans on stream.

The sponsorship with Beats is one of many for NICKMERCS. The Faze Clan member has active deals with Scuf Gaming and Under Armour as well. All three brands are prominently displayed on his stream and in the banners on his channel’s page.