Myth says it’ll be hard to leave Twitch because he’s “emotionally invested” in the platform

Twitch has been the birth place of many successful streamers.

Myth leaks FaZe Clan FN player
Screengrab via Myth

Twitch has become a home for many different content creators over the past few years. This includes TSM’s Myth, who said on the OfflineTV podcast yesterday that he’d have a hard time leaving the streaming platform because of the emotional connection he’s built with the service during his career.

“Twitch is like my fucking home man,” Myth said. “I grew up in middle school watching streams every day before breakfast, before going out to school. So much of me is emotionally invested into Twitch, that it’d be hard to leave.”

Many streamers share Myth’s sentiment. They’ve grown up on the popular streaming platform, built their fan base, created wonderful memories, and got their first shot at success on Twitch. It’d understandably be difficult for some content creators to let go of all this if they received a new deal proposal from the various other streaming services available today.

Although Scarra sympathized with the notion, he mentioned that when getting approached with offers, “there’s a number where [he] can’t say no.” The entire table agreed, including streamer DisguisedToast, who moved from his longtime streaming home to Facebook Gaming late last year.

Toast also pointed out that Twitch will have to make some big decisions on which streamers to keep and who to let go once contracts start to end.

“They only have so much money—unless they want to hit up Papa Bezos, and start paying everyone,” DisguisedToast said. “They’re going to have to decide on who to keep, and who they can’t match [for] Facebook, Google, or Microsoft.”

For now, however, it seems like Myth will be sticking around on Twitch for a while longer. This year is still wide open for more big-name streamers to make the switch to different platforms, though. Maybe Myth will receive an offer with that “number where he can’t say no” in the coming months.