Multiple content creators offer help to streamers transitioning from Mixer to Twitch or YouTube

Platforms wouldn't exist without the creators.

mixer ninja
Image via Microsoft

The sudden shutdown of Mixer has left thousands of creators without a place to broadcast their streams and interact with communities.

Fortunately, other content creators have put it upon themselves to boost those streamers that have an uncertain future ahead of them. Creators of all sizes and backgrounds have come together and are asking Mixer streamers to drop their new channels and links so others can find them. This signal boosting will help people find new creators who are going to struggle with numbers during this transitional period.

Obviously, not everyone will see a smooth switch, but those with established audiences will likely have an easier time moving to Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming. And since Microsoft appears to be doing nothing outside of rotating front page streamers in the final days, other streamers are looking to help with promotion. 

There are hundreds of creators, ranging from big to small, willing to help out migrating streamers, whether that be through hosts, raids, donations, subscriptions or simply providing a thread for their community to look through. 

“I want to watch, donate/sub, support, and raid whenever you are live,” Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil said. “We gotta support our creators, regardless of platforms. Platform loyalty means nothing if the platform is gone. We got you.” 

And it isn’t just content creators either, organizations like Tempo Storm are also trying to help creators who were surprised by the news. 

This support from established creators will hopefully help drive viewers to streamers who are setting up shop on a new site or returning for the first time since leaving.