MrBeast vs. Ninja Ultimate Crown: Schedule, teams, and live results

The battle is approaching.

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Amazon’s Crown channel will host the much-anticipated clash between mega-influencers Ninja and MrBeast in a League of Legends showdown. The head-to-head competition will be for bragging rights, the 2022 Ultimate Crown Championship belt, and $150,000 on the line.

This now fully-fledged event spawned from serious Twitter banter between MrBeast and Ninja. The YouTuber philanthropist and streamer of Fortnite fame are finally set to end their beef and lock horns in a best-of-three series on Summoner’s Rift.

Ultimate Crown schedule

Ultimate Crown will be hosted live from the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and streamed live on the channel. The event will take place on Saturday, July 9 at 6pm CT. The Twitch stream is currently listed at a three-hour run time, but fans should expect this broadcast to go over if the series runs the full distance.

MrBeast and Ninja’s Ultimate Crown teams

Both influencers were tasked with creating their own five-man teams for the event, comprised of former professional players and fellow content creators. Here are the full teams for this event:

Team Beast

  • MrBeast
  • Emiru
  • Mizkif
  • Yassuo
  • Voyboy

Team Ninja

  • Ninja
  • Ludwig
  • Doublelift
  • Sapnap
  • Tyler1

Live results

This section will be updated as the match progresses.

Game One – Team Beast Wins

Team NinjaTeam Beast
Tyler1 – OlafVoyboy – Tryndamere
Sapnap – WukongMizkif – Zac
Ninja – ZiggsYassuo – Viktor
Doublelift – LucienEmiru – Miss Fortune
Ludwig – ThreshMrBeast – Leona

Game one was a chaotic start to the series, averaging over one kill per minute in a 33-minute victory for Team Beast. Team Ninja accrued an early gold lead thanks to Tyler1 and Doublelift, but an opportune fight started by Emiru quickly turned the tide of the game.

By fifteen minutes, Team Ninja held a marginal gold lead, though Team Beast had claimed the only neutral objectives of the game and almost doubled their opponents in kills. Through Doubelift’s retaliation in a jungle fight and some sneaky five-man bush plays, Team Ninja managed to set up a Baron play, but this attempt was thwarted by Team Beast.

Taking Dragon Soul off an extended fight, Team Beast soon outscaled Team Ninja. Showing complete domination over game one’s neutral objectives, Team Beast marched into their opponent’s base mere moments after taking the second Baron of the game. In one decisive base breach, Team Beast destroyed Team Ninja’s Nexus and walked away with the first game.

Game Two – Team Beast Wins

Team BeastTeam Ninja
Voyboy – JaxTyler1 – Urgot
Mizkif – ZacSapnap – Kindred
Yassuo – YasuoNinja – Corki
Emiru – AsheDoublelift – Tristana
MrBeast – PykeLudwig – Soraka

Game two was a dominant affair, and a far more decisive win for Team Beast. The unlikely Team Beast saw all three solo laners take the first three kills of the game. Yassuo particularly excelled on his namesake champion, building a 30-plus CS advantage over lane opponent Ninja and finding two kills by ten minutes. Tyler1 kept hope alive for Team Ninja, mitigating the immense lead Voyboy was building by keeping his lane pushing.

With large individual leads, Team Beast was keen on fighting no matter the circumstances. Even losing fights were turned into extended skirmishes where Team Beast managed to find some winning conditions. After Yassuo turned a seeming misplay into a quick inhibitor and Baron take, things appeared bleaker than ever for Team Ninja.

With Yassuo and Voyboy charging into the base, Team Beast easily took the final fight of game two; however, Team Ninja managed to quickly forfeit the game before Team Beast could crack the final Nexus.

Who won Mr. Beast vs. Ninja Ultimate Crown? Final results

Though Team Beast dispatched Team Ninja in an unexpected two game sweep, Ninja urged for a third and final game. Putting an extra $50,000 for charity on the line in a winner take all game three, Team Ninja was finally able to take a game off their opponents.

MrBeast and his teammates Mizkif, Emiru, Voyboy, and Yassuo were awarded the 2022 Ultimate Crown Championship, also winning $150,000 for the Sarcoma Foundation of America. Though Team Beast now have full bragging rights from this colossal clash amongst content creators, both teams brought home winnings for their respective charity.