MrBeast calls out Twitch for ‘handicapping’ creators with platform’s new branded content guidelines

MrBeast calls out Twitch on behalf of Twitch creators.

Screengrab via Lex Fridman on YouTube

Twitch’s new guidelines surrounding advertisements and branded content caught the attention of one of YouTube’s largest content creators today, MrBeast. The multi-business mogul claimed that Twitch’s policy update would only work to “handicap” creators’ earnings.

On June 6, Twitch updated its policy around branded content with increasingly stricter guidelines surrounding on-stream advertisements. Per Zach Bussey, Twitch’s newest guidelines now disallow “burned in” stream overlays which include banner, audio, or video ads.

The decision from Twitch garnered almost immediate disapproval from the wider streaming community. MrBeast was among the many creators to voice his disapproval of the policy update.

“Hey Twitch how about instead of handicapping what creators make, you help them make more?” MrBeast tagged the streaming giant in his tweet. “Seems more logical.”

Replies to MrBeast’s tweet were filled with support and fellow creators echoing similar sentiments. Nick Polom, also known as nmplol on Twitch, labeled Twitch’s decision a “massive mistake” and thanked the huge creator for his stance.

Polom wasn’t alone, either. Various members of the streaming collective and content organization OTK, including both co-founders Asmongold and Tips Out, threatened to completely abandon Twitch if this decision were to be upheld.

Shortly after the policy update, Twitch swiftly responded to incoming criticism. The streaming company stated that its policy update was “too broad” and did “not intend to limit streamers’ ability to enter into direct relationship with sponsors.”

It is unclear if Twitch will amend any of its policy updates, though it appears that the streaming site will maintain its upcoming policies with rewritten language. The update from Twitch has so far been met with continued dissent from both viewers and streamers alike.

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