Moderator pays off debt with income from Ludwig’s subathon stream

The moderation team have been a key part of the stream's success.

Screengrab via Ludwig

Over the past month, Twitch streamer Ludwig has been hosting a subathon that has seen him remain live 24/7 for nearly a month.

One thing that made this possible was the support of his team of moderators that not only assisted the streamer throughout the day but also took over the stream as he got some sleep at night.

A member of the moderator team, BBarbs shared a post explaining how being a part of this event has helped him out.

BBards explained that he had struggled with credit card debt, The money he has earned as part of the moderation team has helped him to officially pay this off, however.

Ludwig mentioned early into his subathon as he was breaking down his earnings that he was paying his team of moderators around $5000 a day for their help on the stream.

The stream has ran for multiple weeks, with tens of thousands of Twitch users subscribing to the streamer. The subathon isn’t just creating revenue for Ludwig and his team, but a portion will also be donated to charity once the stream is complete.

Over the weekend Ludwig shared an end date for his subathon with today, April 13, being the final day. Over this 24-hour period, all money made from subscribers will be donated to charity as the stream make one final push to become the most subscribed channel in Twitch history.

At the time of writing, Ludwig is around 14,000 subscribers shy of the record held by Ninja at 269,154 according to TwitchTracker.