Mizkif wants to be a vlogger after streaming career ends

The streaming star ponders changing up his content.

Screengrab via Mizkif on YouTube

Two weeks ago, Mizkif went on a trip to South Korea with fellow OTK members Esfand and Emiru and got the opportunity to experience vlogging his daily life for the first time. The star has undoubtedly become one of Twitch‘s top content creators over the last few years, but he says if he ever stops live streaming, he’d want to be a vlogger.

Mizkif and his companions embarked for South Korea on May 1 for a trip that would last until May 11. Mizkif explained before leaving that the visit was “not a vacation or a break,” but a mix of the two. Despite these comments, the Twitch star seemed to find some inspiration while in Korea, producing three 20+ minute vlogs on his YouTube Channel.

During his first stream on Twitch after returning from his trip to South Korea, Mizkif explained to viewers that vlogging was something he’d be interested in pursuing further if he ever decided to quit streaming. Citing the fact that he doesn’t have to worry about his chat while vlogging as being one of the main draws.

“Here’s the thing, I loved doing those vlogs. Man, I loved vlogging. Because the thing is I love to just constantly be annoying and I love having a camera shoved in my face,” Mizkif said. “Seriously, I did love the vlogging, and I kind of think if I ever stop being a streamer that I could become a vlogger.”

While Mizkif expressed serious interest in vlogging, fans of his stream shouldn’t be too worried about him quitting his Twitch channel any time soon. His statements seem to indicate an interest in changing his content format in the future, and not necessarily right now.

This wasn’t the only surprise to come out of the South Korea trip. Just two days into the vacation, OTK founder Esfand was taken to the hospital after chipping a bone in his thumb.