Mizkif under fire after saying AdrianahLee sexual assault was ‘not really a big deal’

Trainwreck accused Mizkif of attempting to cover up AdrianahLee's alleged sexual assault.

Screengrab via Mizkif on Twitch

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo is under fire after saying AdrianahLee getting sexually assaulted by fellow streamer CrazySlick was “not really a big deal.”

Content creator AdrianahLee shared a TwitLonger in 2021 detailing an assault that allegedly happened in 2020. According to AdrianahLee, she blacked out at a party and CrazySlick attempted to touch her chest to “check her pulse.” Friends that were with her that night had to keep telling him to leave since he allegedly kept trying to grope her.

“He admitted this. He admitted to doing this,” AdrianahLee later said on stream, saying that he apologized for doing it in his own TwitLonger in 2021.

While the situation was already concerning enough, Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam recently accused Mizkif and his girlfriend Maya of trying to “cover up all those sexual assaults” since they were friends with CrazySlick.

This gave AdrianahLee the courage to speak up about the situation herself. On Sept. 19, she confirmed that Mizkif and Maya allegedly told her to come forward about the situation so they didn’t have to “kick Slick out” and could come to a “middle ground.” That is when she wrote the TwitLonger, which was proofread by Maya beforehand.

“The TwitLonger is a diluted version of the story,” AdrianahLee said.

While bringing up the sexual assault once again has been difficult for AdrianahLee, she said she was glad “somebody bigger” like Trainwreck was willing to speak up for her since she couldn’t tell the truth herself.

“Train has always been very supportive and nice to me,” she said. “I really appreciate that. He reached out to me when he first heard about it. He’s always been a very good friend. I appreciate it more than he’ll ever know.”

With Mizkif and Maya now in the spotlight over the sexual assault cover-up controversy, Mizkif discussed the situation on stream. But his response left the streaming community even more concerned about his involvement with the alleged cover-up.

“Of what you can deem of it, it’s sexual a… harassment, whatever, at a low scale. It’s not really a big deal. I don’t think people really gave a shit or really cared,” Mizkif said.

Many people felt that Mizkif was downplaying the situation to protect his friend. A lot of viewers pointed out how Mizkif course-corrected himself by switching from “assault” to “harassment” and then claimed nobody cared about what had occurred.

People were even more frustrated with Mizkif once more instances of CrazySlick harassing women came out soon after his stream, wondering why he was friends with someone so problematic.

In a Twitter thread, women shared screengrabs of their interactions with CrazySlick. One woman said he was “gross” with her on Snapchat. Another woman said that CrazySlick was very “touchy” with her despite her saying no to even hanging out at his house multiple times.

The collection of concerning encounters left many in agreement that CrazySlick may not have been “checking for a pulse” and had meant to inappropriately grope AdrianahLee while she was passed out.

Mizkif has yet to respond to the ongoing cover-up allegations.