Mizkif sets personal record for peak viewership while opening Pokémon cards

He opened a holographic Lugia.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/mizkif

Mizkif was at it again yesterday opening packs of Pokémon cards on stream. And this time, he set a personal viewership record peaking out at more than 110,000 viewers.

The variety streamer is among a few who have been buying and opening boxes of old Pokémon card sets in search of rare expensive cards that could be valued at more than $100,000 if they’re deemed to be in good enough condition.

In particular, Mizkif was looking for a foil Lugia or Typhlosion yesterday.

“If I don’t get those two cards in this box, almost every other card is considered worthless,” he said. “If I do not get the Lugia, if I do not get the Typhlosion, I am down $70,000. It’s all up to this box. We’re going to open it today. Chat this is so dumb.”

As he opened pack after pack, Mizkif failed to get the value he was looking for—until he got to the final two packs. Mizkif eventually pulled the coveted Lugia card.

A PSA 10 Lugia First Edition Neo Genesis holographic card is listed on Ebay for $150,000 right now. Mizkif still needs to get his card graded by PSA, the third-party authentication company that grades trading cards.

Around the time he opened the card, his viewership peaked at 110,172, according to Twitch stat tracker SullyGnome, but his viewership for the entire streaming session was impressive. The five-hour stream averaged just more than 79,000 viewers.